Movement and strength are everything. Join me in my commitment to a stronger and more balanced body and mind.

Post-EPIC Endgame Program Plans

Last weekend, I finished my fifth 10-week training program with online trainer and all-around nice human Caroline Girvan. That was 10 weeks of hard work and great fun, thanks to her well-structured and carefully curated EPIC Endgame program. Throughout those 10 weeks, I and her over a million followers powered…

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How I Stay Motivated To Work Out

It’s a question I often get from friends and acquaintances who are either looking to start a fitness routine or struggling to sustain one: “How do you do it?” Contrary to what Instagram influencers might make you believe, it’s not as simple as getting up and getting it done. There…

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Movement Matters: My EPIC Journey So Far

I have always loved moving, though I never did it in any structured form until the pandemic happened and the word ‘lockdown’ became part of our everyday vocabulary. I’ve tried all sorts of movement. For some years, I was into hiking and camping both for leisure and volunteer work. I…

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