Post-EPIC Endgame Program Plans

Last weekend, I finished my fifth 10-week training program with online trainer and all-around nice human Caroline Girvan. That was 10 weeks of hard work and great fun, thanks to her well-structured and carefully curated EPIC Endgame program.

Throughout those 10 weeks, I and her over a million followers powered through various workout formats, including circuits, pyramid sets, supersets, giant sets, EMOM, HIIT, cardio, calisthenics, and more. We targeted different body parts and ensured a balanced training split each week. We challenged ourselves with insane 100-rep finishers, but we also learned to respect our bodies and their limitations.

There was collective celebration in our online community after finishing Day 50 of the program, with many saying congratulations but also asking, “What’s next?” I admittedly always feel a bit sentimental whenever I finish her longer programs, and I think many of my peers in the community understand the feeling. You just can’t help but feel a little lost, not knowing what workout to do the following day. But I think after several programs, hundreds of workout videos, and millions of views, Caroline has already equipped her followers with enough know-how to be able to carry on.

So while the EPIC Endgame program is done, the work is far from over. I’m definitely going to be taking this time to shake things up in the fitness department in order to address the plateau I’ve been experiencing. You see, when I started with Caroline’s first ever EPIC program in 2020, the changes were very quick and evident. I increased my reps and weights quite frequently, and the physical transformation was easy to see. In the last couple of programs, however, my progress had somewhat slowed down. I am still improving mentally and physically, don’t get me wrong, but I think this is my body’s way of telling me to try something different.

So in the next few weeks, while I plan to keep working out regularly and to maintain the same training split, I will be changing up a few things. I will be revisiting Caroline’s shorter series and redoing some of my favorites, this time with more vigor and intensity. In addition, I will be incorporating more cardio and explosive movements into my sessions. This is a big area of improvement for me as I get so easily out of breath during cardio workouts. I also plan to do more stretching and calisthenics to work on my flexibility and range of motion.

In a recent interview, Caroline said she will be back in April. I can’t wait to see what she’ll be coming up with next. Until then, I will be taking all my learnings so far and using them to further my fitness journey. For this, I’m definitely excited!


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