Still Pink

A lot has happened since I last updated this blog. In the span of two months, I had experienced a polarity of emotions, similar to a roaring fire being ignited to it being completely extinguished, the asphyxiating smoke debilitating anyone under it.

The recent election season saw me at my most invested state yet. I have always been vocal about my political stand and choice of candidates in every election, but I had never been so engaged as to actively participate in campaign efforts. It was different this time, however, because for the first time in a really long time, there were better choices to be made, choices that didn’t require picking the lesser evil. There were, almost unbelievably, choices that aligned with my politics and values. It just seemed like the perfect opportunity to, once and for all, truly take the right steps toward genuine change in governance and society in our country. However, the odds were not in our favor.

The results of the election left me in what I’m sure a lot of other people can relate to as a grieving state. To be honest, I don’t think I necessarily followed the DABDA stages of grief, and to this day, there’s still some internal processing happening. Nonetheless, I have emerged from the ashes, burned and bruised but still with some fight left in me. The dream for a better present and future continues, and this time, there is a community with which to reach for this dream.

After having some time to rest and recover, I am bracing myself for a busier and more meaningful life ahead, one that is not only spent working toward my own dreams and aspirations, but one that is also dedicated to laying the bricks for others to be able to dream and aspire as I do.

Looking back at some pictures and videos from the recent campaign activities, I am inspired by the spirit and the energy I and my fellow volunteers exhibited, and I will carry this inspiration with me as we embark on the next steps. I am not new to volunteer work having served in a few NGOs over the past several years, but I have a renewed interest to serve, thanks to the leaders who stood up and stood out during the 2022 elections.

If you are pink like me, bleed pink like me, I salute you for your courage to stand for what you believe in. I can’t wait to work alongside you to do good in our communities.


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