Table Sharing and Hearty Dinners

I’m not referring to sharing tables with strangers. Not in the time of COVID, no. I suppose I’m writing about the novelty of regularly sharing meals with someone, in this case my person. After years of hogging the dining table, I must say it’s a welcome change, though one I’m still getting used to.

So far, it’s going great. For one, choosing our seats was a breeze. My priority was giving my elbows free rein, while his was having unobstructed view of the television. Win-win. And while I absolutely enjoy (and sometimes even miss) having meals by myself, it really is quite refreshing to be chatting and lingering at the table.

Eating habits around the new home have more or less been set. I’m not much of a breakfast or morning person in general. So if he’s up early, a light breakfast will do, so he can later join me for brunch (my current favorite meal, really). Sometime in the late afternoon, before I finish work and proceed with the day’s scheduled workout, we have a quick snack. In the evenings is when we usually prepare bigger, richer, more elaborate meals to contrast brunch time’s simpler wraps, sandwiches, and breakfast plates. There could be more meat, thicker sauces, heavier carbs—just something very hearty.

On the dinner table recently was a successful Chicken Parmigiana dish, which we gorged on with brown rice. I took some inspiration from this lovely Cafe Delites recipe and just tweaked it a bit to add a personal touch. I won’t deny, we were stuffed.

Ingredients used: chicken breast, salt, pepper, garlic, onion, garlic and onion powders, eggs, panko, grated parmesan, sliced cheeses, tomato sauce, Italian seasoning, sugar, olive oil

I actually look forward to the novelty of table sharing wearing off. I think having someone around at every meal might just become my thing. Of course, it helps that the company is lovely. I’m also excited to see what dish makes it to the dinner table next. We have a freshly stocked fridge and two hungry tummies, so anything can happen.


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