A Warm Reboot

They say third time’s a charm, so perhaps this blog’s latest iteration will bring some luck. It’s been a long time coming, and after the chaos that was the last couple years (read: COVID), I finally feel settled enough to sit and write.

So what’s new when life has been akin to Groundhog Day, no thanks to a pandemic no one imagined would happen during their lifetime? A few things, actually. I, for one, welcomed 2022 with a new home and a new housemate, along with some new habits and renewed hobbies.

You could say I’m freshly rebooted (I definitely feel like it). All warmed up and ready to go, I hope to keep this little corner of the internet filled with thoughts and memories worth revisiting.

Like any personal endeavor, I plan to keep this space safe and enjoyable, free from nagging demands that undoubtedly take away the fun in any pursuit. Of course, I don’t expect to write only about the good things; I also hope to process the difficult and the ugly in a way that is gentle and healing.

‘Jean and Tonic’ started as a play on words that funnily stuck with me. Over time, it has grown to represent what I hope to bring into this life—vigor. Whether it’s the thrill of a new physical challenge or the resolve to weather a stormy season, I aspire to approach it with a healthy level of optimism and exuberance.

Here, I’ll publish anything and everything from my love of cooking (and eating) to the joys of physical training, from entertainment gems to guilty pleasures, new interests that may come up in the future, as well as personal entries that I predict will be therapeutic to share.

If you made it here, welcome! I hope I can make your stay worthwhile.


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